Dry Coolers


Dry Coolers are designed to be used for medium and large capacity process cooling and HVAC applications. Capacity range of the standard models is between 122.6 and 661.4 kW. Standard catalog capacities are according to EN 1048 and Eurovent standards. For different conditions, correction factors should be used. Fan sound pressure levels are in accordance with EN 13487 and for 10 m distance from center of the units. For different distances, correction factors should be used. Highly efficient heat exchanger coils, designed with special computer softwares, are made of copper tubes and aluminum fins as standard. Fin spacings are 2.5 mm. Depending on the working environment and design, epoxy coated aluminum fins, complete epoxy coated coils, copper fins and grooved tubes are available as options. Collectors are made of steel and have schrader valves, drain plugs. Refrigerant circuits are optimized for water and different rate glycol/water mix. Energy efficient and low noise fans are used. Arrangement of the fans up to 1x5 for single row and 2x5 for double rows. Fan Motor protection classes IP 54, Insulation class F . Powder painted galvanized is steel used for casing and standard color is RAL 7044. Different colors can be applied on request. Dry Coolers designed in industrial aesthetics and ergonomics, can be positioned either vertical or horizontal. Product position should be stated at the order. Adiabatic/evaporative cooling systems such as evaporative cooling pads, water spray and fogging on mesh can be applied as options. Fan speed control systems, electrical panels, EC fans, measuring instruments, service flaps, on-off switches, vibration dampers, etc. equipment are available as options. In Winter, the precautıons must be taken to prevent heat exchanger from freezıng. In order to prevent freezing glycol/water antifreeze must be use. Antifreeze mix rates and freezing points of the mix is given in the table. All of the materials are in high quality and long term durability. The products, designed by special computer softwares, have competitive advantages based on initial investment and operating costs. Products, designed as robust, have long industrial life. There is no service requirement provided that usages of the products are in accordance with the instructions. Dry Coolers have the advantages of high quality workmanship, prompt and on-time delivery. Dry Coolers are designed for easy assembly on site. All of the products are delivered with detailed assembly and installation guide documents. Dry Coolers have GOST certification. Dry Coolers are manufactured with the latest technology in ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system. Higher efficiency standard classes (Eurovent Class A and above) and lower sound levels can be achieved by special design of the dry coolers upon request.