About Us

Our company, PlanEr Ltd. was founded in 2002 as a result of the merging of Erteknik Soğutma (founded 1997) and Plan Mühendislik (founded 1997).The Mission of our company is to provide energy efficient, environment friendly, innovative products and solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration,

HVAC, process cooling, automotive, plastic and energy industry.We envision ourselves to be one of the leading companies in our business area domestically in Turkey and abroad.Our engineering, design and manufacturing capability, supported by advanced technology, provide a wide range of standard and customized original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.

Our main products are finned tube type heat exchangers, industrial and commercial air cooled condensers, condensing units, evaporators, blast freezers, water-glycol air coolers,dry and evaporative coolers, water chillers for comfort and process, free cooling chillers, oil coolers and heat recovery coils.

Our products are in accordance with related European directives and have CE certification. Our products have GOST certificate for Russian Federation.All of our processes are executed in ISO 9001:2008 certification system which ensures our continuous product quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our company is based on innovative approaches for all of corporate processes and providing highly efficient, environmentally friendly innovativeproducts and solutions to its customers by R&D and product development activities